About me.

My name is Vinessa Antoine.  I am a single mother.  An actress. A Writer. A Food lover. The 'little men' that I cook for are my two magnificent sons.  They are my everything.   But these days in addition to chauffeur, house keeper, doctor, teacher, and therapist raising two active boys...I'm a home cook.  I feel like I'm literally in the kitchen all of the time!  I mean, they just don't stop eating!  Don't get me wrong.  We have to actually function here in this busy household.  There are a lot of days that I'm ordering out or heating up frozen pizza with the best of them.  But every few days,  I do feel inspired to cook for my little men.  It is the most satisfying thing to watch them eat.  Not quite sure what that is.  Probably some weird freudian thing I'm sure.  Mostly I'm just trying to get through the day without losing my goo.  That is to say that being a mom is tough stuff.  Being a single mom is not for the weak.  Being a single mom doing it 100% alone is for the supernatural.  Although I have been called a "super mom", I do not actually have supernatural powers.  Yes, I am strong but there is a level of exhaustion and frustration that seems to overtake my body on a daily basis.   It causes me to eventually 'lose my goo'. It's something that I'm working on.  Don't judge me.  There are days when I shine bright like a diamond.  There are days when I wonder if this really is a two person job.  

Other than being on set or on stage, one of my favorite places to be is in the kitchen.  I come from a family of amazing cooks.  My brother is a chef in Toronto, Ontario. My dad was a health food guru way before it was cool, and my mother's cooking still blows us all out of the water.

I got married young and had my babies early.  After seven years of marriage I found myself divorced with two boys, working night and day on a TV series, and no clue what I was doing in either arena.  I wouldn't dare say that I'm special or any different from any other parent that loves their kids.  It's single motherhood.  Not rocket science.  In the words of my father, "You're not the first and you certainly won't be the last".  I am learning as I go.  For the most part I'm just winging it here.  I've had some fortunate and amazing opportunities in this journey thus far.  Crazy relationships.  Moved my kids around from New York to LA to Toronto and back again.  Some significant financial gains and some down right broke as a joke times in my life.  All while loving my kids and cooking for them along the way.  This blog was created out of that. It's not just for single parents.  It's for anybody that wants to try some recipes, connect, and be inspired.   I hope to share some of those experiences with you.  I promise to keep it honest and true.  I will always have a special place in my heart for single moms.  Remember, if anyone tries to tell you that you're a super hero....you're not.  You're a damn mom.  And you're pretty freaking amazing.  Happy cooking.



You’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last.
— Michael Antoine


Please don't stop.

“Please don't stop writing and cooking. Your recipes and stories have helped me through a lot .”

— Susan B. Williamson.

It's nice to see...

It's nice to see that you are a real actress and a real mom going through some of the same things I do."  

                                       -Lauren Hansen

You totally get the single mom thing!

"I hate when people say that they could never do what I'm doing!  I just want to say screw you! Do you think this is the life I planned for myself???

— Jen Y.